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About Wave SC

Our goal is for Wave SC to be the best club it can be. We want every player to have a positive soccer experience no matter what level they play – for every player to be challenged and to foster a love for the sport of soccer. We strive to develop players that are amazing individuals and teammates, and that exhibit character and integrity in our community. We have One Goal and we are One Wave.

Wave SC is a member of the Twin Cities Soccer League and have a select number of teams in the National Premier League. We operate out of Eagan, MN and have athletes from the surrounding south metro communities. 

Our amazing network of coaches, volunteers, players and families are what make the Wave community vibrant and successful.

Welcome to Wave SC. We are glad you are here and are excited for the opportunities ahead.

Email for additional information.


WSC Bylaws 2021

Player Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Coach Code of Conduct

Refund Policy

Meeting Minutes

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