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Spotlight on: Arent Hiltermann (Director of Coaching)

Arent writes “I grew up all over the world, living in 5 different countries along the way. I have lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for 6 years now. I have become more involved in coaching ever since I stopped playing semi-pro in Amsterdam. Once I finished playing, I realized coaching was my way to still be involved in the sport. Soccer is a universal language where no matter what country I lived in, no matter what language people spoke, I could still just play.”

Arent’s Coaching Philosophy “stems from Dutch legend Rinus Michel's (and later Johan Cruyff's) philosophy of "Total Football"… I want to ensure that at the younger ages, all practices involve "1 player 1 ball" as this maximizes touches and leads to quicker technical development. As players get older, I am a big supporter of a possession style of play where teams build from the back, and move the ball with quick, fluid movements. I also look for coachable players--are they willing to learn and grow? Next, are they willing to work hard and put the effort in? And finally, I look to see if a player understands the game, do they have vision on the field, can they make smart soccer IQ decisions?”

Outside of Soccer . . . “I love to travel, hike, cook, and spend time around the lakes.”

At the End of the Season . . . “I want players to have had fun during the season. This is something that is often overlooked. I also want players to come away with having learned some life lessons.”

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