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Spotlight on: Coach Mike Smith (11U Boys)

Mike writes “I grew up in Germany, Kansas, Colorado. I’ve been living in Eagan for 10 years, and I think I’m still growing up! Soccer taught me as about dealing with emotional highs and lows that come with competition and the value of putting in hard work to overcome obstacles. It has also helped me understand how to work with others towards a shared goal- where everyone has a part to play for the common good.”

Mike’s Coaching Philosophy involves being “direct, intergenic, dynamic, and organized. I want . . . the kids to 1. Have fun 2. Build confidence 3. Compete to win. If young players get those things at every soccer event they will grow to love the sport as much as I do. And I love players with positive attitudes and [who put in the] effort. I will take any player that will take on new challenges and wants to work at improving.”

Outside of Soccer . . . “I love anything to do with wilderness camping/canoeing/backpacking. Things like fly fishing for smallmouth bass and tarpon. And Snowboarding!”

At the end of the season . . . “I want to build kids love for soccer. We get there by ensuring kids have fun and expand their abilities and knowledge of the game. If players are so excited about what happened in the season that they don't want it to end, then it’s a win.”

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